Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Not Always Greener on the Other Side --

I am amazed what people do who are dissatisfied with their mates- consider the following:

--A Bosnian couple are getting divorced after finding out they had been secretly chatting with each other online under fake names. Sana Klaric, 27, and husband Adnan, 32, from Zenica, poured out their hearts to each other over their marriage troubles, and both felt they had found their real soul mate. The couple met on an online chat forum while he was at work and she in an Internet cafe, and started chatting under the names Sweetie and Prince of Joy. They eventually decided to meet up -- but there was no happy ending when they realised what had happened. Now they are both filing for divorce -- with each accusing the other of being unfaithful.

--another European man divorced his wife for irreconcilable differences. He then joined one of those find your mate services (similar to our E Harmony). He found one and she was the woman of his dreams. They met - and guess what? - it was his original wife. They are getting remarried.

No joke - Sometimes you miss appreciating what you have!

Years ago the Lord spoke to me regarding my fidelity and faithfulness to Debi (36 years now). Obviously He reminded me of my covenant I made with her, but He also spoke to me that the 'grass is not greener on the other side.' He reminded me that I know what I have with my wife, but I don't know what I would have or was getting myself into with another woman or the wife of another man. Besides the threat of Debi killing me if I did, I also decided to heed the Lord's advice and stay in my own vineyard with the wife of my youth!

I believe in long term marriages! It is a badge of honor for a Man of God and also a requirement for leading the church of God! (I will forgo commenting on all the Pastors and 'TV church personalities' that are divorcing right now or have divorced - please don't get me started!)

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Anonymous said...

maybe the tv people didn't have enough faith...or enough funds to ease their stress? maybe the 5 steps to a successful life only work when single?