Sunday, September 02, 2007

Pastor's Worst Nightmare!!

A Pastor endures a lot of unpleasant things in the ministry. Seems to go with the territory- found out along time ago that sheep do bite!

But that is not what is troubling me right now- it is the physical and sexual abuse of children in the church that is the most painful!

I was talking with our church insurance agent and he said to me: "Pastor, the church is the last place of attack for sexual predators because there often are no safeguards built in. They can get in, speedily do their damage, and be gone before anyone knows." We implemented all the guidelines that he and our local police department recommended.

We take steps to prevent this with a time lag as to when a person can work with our children, do background checks, and have strict adult worker/child guidelines.

Trey Morgan's excellent blog reported this new tool from Vision 20/20 to help identify sex offenders. It is similar to the one you can use from the local police department but I found it an easier and outstanding graphic interface.

Pastors check it out: sex offender locator's tool

The need of the hour is to be wise and protect God's flock!

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