Friday, June 22, 2007

Meet the Tater Family

I printed this in our bulletin a few years back. It is not original with me and I’m not sure who the author is. However, it is a humorous and insightful way to look at some of the people who attend church.
Dick Tater
He's the self-appointed potentate who feels everything should be done his way. He never serves or works; he just bosses others.

Emmy Tater
She's the member of the family who follows all the latest fads. She’s never really discovered her own identity because she’s always busy trying to be like someone else.

Hezy Tater
When Hezy is asked to help at church, he knows he should, but he always puts it off. He's sure he'll get around to serving God someday.

Carmen Tater
Carmen has an opinion about everything, and you never need to ask what she thinks because she's the first one to tell you.

Speck Tater
Speck's favorite phrase is: "I love work; I can watch others do it for hours." He doesn't get involved, but he's a great observer.

Agi Tater
When Agi was in school, she got poor marks on "plays well with others." Agi is continually in conflict with others, and always seems to be involved in strife and division. No matter what the Pastor or church does, it's never good enough in Agi's eyes.

Sweet Tater
This is the only cordial and cooperative member of the Tater family. Sweet Tater is the ideal member of the church. She has a great attitude, is faithful, committed, supportive, and involved. She doesn’t dictate, imitate, hesitate, commentate, spectate, or agitate!

Can you think of any other 'taters?'


Anonymous said...

There is also Ro Tator - in and out of the church. And Ampu Tator - cuts themself off from the Body.

Dan said...

Vegie Tater
Orend Tater
Row Tater
Insty Tater