Monday, June 18, 2007

'Who's Watching You?' Father's Day 2007

We had a great Father's Day service yesterday. Gave away 2 tickets in each service to the Texas Rangers at the Ballpark. Seats are behind home plate! Just wish they were doing better.

I wanted to preach on 'Who's Watching You!' You can hear the message on the Vine Fellowship website. The creative team came through with great visuals. We made it a 'wear your favorite team jersey' day and flooded the stage with sports equipment (we even had a fishing boat up there). The idea- we are a society of watchers- sports, etc. However we are fast becoming a society of being 'the watched.' With cameras in banks, at intersections, etc. we are now being watched everyday!

The kicker- in our homes we have been watched for generations as our children see and our children do.

It was well responded to and the men were given wrist bands that stated two things- 'Very Best!' and 'Wholehearted.' We committed to give our very best to God and our families and remain wholehearted to God!

The below video is from a child abuse prevention program in Australia called 'Children see, Children do.' I did not show it to the church because of the graphic nature of it and the possibility it would stir up deep personal issues. I did use images they have for the powerpoint presentation of my sermon. (You can ask for it and I will send it to you).


My heart is broken- so is God's!

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