Thursday, December 11, 2008

Coffee Wars- Taking the High Road?

When your #1, everybody attacks you! sound familiar? Now we have the coffee wars which should be good for all us addicts. From Dunkin' Donuts, 7-11, to McDonald's, Starbucks is under siege. Consider the McDonald's sign above.

The coffee wars have received much media and Wall Street trumpeting this year, but Starbucks has been mostly silent, maintaining that its customer base is different.

Starbucks could fire back that not all of its coffee costs four bucks, or that extra cents help pay for health care for baristas. (A 12-ounce cup of brew starts at $1.40 at Starbucks, a penny more than the average McDonald's brew price. A small McDonald's latte costs $1.99 compared with $2.45 to $3.15 at Starbucks.)

Instead, it is fighting back in a more subtle way. Executives have hinted that Starbucks is taking the high road.

Well good for them, but let the coffee wars continue- who wins? We do!!!

BTW, go to this link (By McDonald's) and play the pinball game- cool!

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Jason said...

Pinball machine?? Weren't those like video games, but in the "olden days"?