Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Walking Circumspectly!

There are some wonderful and interesting King James words that get lost in the current translations. One such word that I like to say as well as live is the word 'circumspect(ly)'. When is the last time you used that word? Have you ever? Chances are if you said it people would stare at you with a blank look on their faces! Do you know that it is one of the most important words for a Pastor and Christians?

Ex 23:13 And in all things that I have said unto you be circumspect: and make no mention of the name of other gods, neither let it be heard out of thy mouth. KJV

Eph 5:15 See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, KJV

circumspect- Latin circumspectus, from past participle of circumspicere to look around, be cautious, from circum-'around' + specere 'to look' - 'specere' means 'to spy' (remember I Spy on TV or James Bond?)

Strongs- OT-A verb meaning to watch, to keep, to preserve, to guard, to be careful, to watch over, to watch carefully over, to be on one's guard. NT-Diligently, accurately, exactly, rightly.

My loose definition would be to look around and into (spy on) yourself, as to your state of being body, soul and spirit. For the Pastor it would also mean to look on (spy out) the state of your flock.

We are to:
1. conduct a thorough examination of ourselves. We spy on ourselves with God's heavenly microscope-His Word and Spirit.
2. keep ones self in the right direction. David declared he was blameless since he had kept himself from sin (2Sa 22:24; Ps 18:23).
3. conduct ourselves as one walking circumspectly- it will show forth in our speech, conduct, attitude, and other areas of our lives. Your friends, family, and Church will be 'safe' (protected) around you.
3. protect, pay close attention to, and care for God's people. Eli the priest continued to observe Hannah's lips closely as she prayed. What are your people saying and experiencing?

Why walk circumspectly?
Three young evangelists who burst onto the American scene in 1945. Their names were Billy Graham, Bron Clifford, and Chuck Templeton. All three were in their mid-twenties, and rose to quick prominence because of his speaking abilities. Each packed out auditoriums across the country.

One seminary president heard Chuck Templeton address an audience of thousands, and he was so impressed that he called him the most talented young preacher in America. One magazine featured him in an article and called him "the Babe Ruth of evangelism." It did not mention Billy Graham.

Bron Clifford was tall, dashing, intelligent, and elegant. He was so gifted that he was called the most powerful preacher in the church in centuries. People lined up for hours to hear him. At Baylor University he gave a discourse, and the university president ordered the class bells turned off so that nothing would interfere with Clifford’s message. For two and one-half hours the students sat on the edges of their seats, spellbound as he gave a brilliant dissertation. He was so attractive and charming that Hollywood tried to get him to play the lead role in the famous movie The Robe.

But a few years later, things had changed for two of these three men. In just five years Chuck Templeton left the ministry, declaring that he no longer believed Jesus Christ was the Son of God. He pursued a career in radio and became a newscaster. The "Babe Ruth of evangelism" gave it up entirely; today, his name resides in the annals of evangelical obscurity.

By 1954, Clifford had lost his family, his ministry, and his health because of financial irresponsibility and alcohol abuse. He left his wife and their two Down’s syndrome children. At the age of thirty-five, he died in a cheap hotel on the edge of Amarillo, Texas. Some pastors collected enough money to purchase a casket and ship it back east where he was buried in a pauper’s cemetery.

Only Billy Graham remained and succeeded- why?- he walked circumspect in every area of his life!

Examining ourselves regularly is not only necessary but disastrous if we don't!

Eph 5:15 So watch your step. Use your head.

Eph 5:15 Therefore, pay careful attention to how you conduct your life — live wisely, not unwisely. CJB

Learn the importance of the word 'circumspect,' meditate on it, speak it, teach it, and then practice it every day!

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