Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ed's Thoughts on Commitment-

What are the terms of my commitment to a friend?

How serious am I about commitment? What is the level of my commitment? Where did I get my example of commitment? At what point does my commitment stop? What happens when the people I am committed to have a different opinion? Am I willing to yield in my commitment? How do I decide when my commitment ends? Do the rules of my commitment change whether I am committed to a task or a person, a person or a group? Are my expectations of others’ commitment to me the same as my commitment to them? Can I be partly committed? What is the cost limit to my commitment? What is the time limit to my commitment?

Do I let others know that I have made a commitment to them, or do I assume that they know? Am I judgmental in my commitment? Do I have rules for my commitment, what are they? Do I believe others are confident in my level of commitment? Have I really thought my commitment through? Do I learn from my failed commitments? Do I try to reinforce my idea of commitment? Do I make a commitment because of peer pressure? Do I make a commitment because I feel it’s the right thing to do?

You are my friend; I am committed to you, and your benefit. I have considered all of these questions and many more about my friendship and commitment to you. You can be confident that you never have to look to see if I have your back, I am there. You never have to worry about your relationship with me because I am committed to you. My commitment is like driving a stake in the ground until it penetrates bedrock, it can not be moved. My opinion of you will not be changed by others or circumstances. Whatever you are going through, you can count on me. My commitment is not based on your choices, or behavior. I will not allow ill things to be said of you in my presence. I will always protect your good name when I speak of you. My commitment will never end; it is a personal challenge for me, and I am ever aware of my commitments.

Commitment should endure all tests against it, it should always be the last thing standing, it should never be made without all things considered, it should be protected with the fiercest fury, it should be my delight that others feel the benefit of my commitments. The things that I have learned about commitment came from my relationship with God, He is the one that created it, and so I know that I can follow His perfect example.

Given to me by a special friend after another dear friend and family walked out of my life and the church. We all need friends that have considered the cost of commitment, regardless.

Thanks Ed, I needed that!


Ronni said...

That is awesome! I hope we all have people that committed to us! Sorry you had to go through that. either...

Ronni said...

hey a left over either... LOL. See what I get for editing?

Builders of Zion said...

Having been burned, make that seared and then roasted for several years, by a number of people, I can relate closely to this message. I wish brothers and sisters in the Body of Messiah had half this level of commitment toward each other.

Had we loved one another with the level expressed you could not build on to the church building fast enough.

The field is ripe and the workers are few - and some of the few we have are illegal aliens.

Keep looking up!

hunt4christ said...

David that is how I always felt about you and my family there at the Vine Fellowship. Now that I have my own church here at Impact Cowboy Church I am always looking for those who will enter into a relationship with the Lord like that.

I always knew that I had to look at how I served you and your ministry was a physical representation of how I served the Lord. I also knew that as I served you so would people serve at Impact Cowboy Church.

Love ya